Blue Moon

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Event Production

Together, we create unforgettable experiences. The initial conception of your event is meticulously prepared. When the big day arrives, BLUE MOON ensures a perfect, technical result. We achieve this thanks to our personal and efficient approach.

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Media Creation

An image says more than a thousand words. At BLUE MOON, we’re aware of the power of moving images. They elicit emotion and create impact. BLUE MOON translates your initial concept into dynamic content. From brainstorming to results!

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PRO AV Solutions

Efficient communication tools are more important than ever. BLUE MOON supplies fixed audiovisual installations tailored to every company. Are you looking for a corporate studio, a fully equipped meeting room or something completely different? Our team is passionate about solving audiovisual challenges, from simple solutions to complex integrated projects. We attach great importance to a personal approach. You can come to us with any query.

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BLUE MOON studios

A network of fully equipped studios for your recording or live stream. You can use debate tables, presentation areas and cosy lounge corners with different backgrounds. Every message, whether formal or informal, is flawlessly delivered here.

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  • Cases

    We’re not all talk, we make things happen. Take a look at some of our cases.

  • EPP Congress Rotterdam

    Congress Rotterdam

  • Protime

    In-house studio

  • Flemish Parliament

    Fixed installations

  • Mediafin

    War Debate

  • VITO

    G-STIC Dubai

  • Independent Health Insurance Fund

    I was 20 in 2020

  • BLSC

    Excellence Awards Shopping & Retail

  • Martens Centre

    European Ideas Forum

  • VOKA

    VOKA Vooruitblik