Live events:

The one and only. Wherever people gather, there is a buzz of energy. Live events are perfect for getting your message across and connecting people. An annual event or a one-off event – it has to be on point. BLUE MOON makes sure the complete audiovisual picture is spot on.

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Online events (streaming):

The one that’s here to stay. Online events are an ideal way to convey informative messages dynamically. Plus, you get the opportunity to reuse and rewatch high-quality footage. We create corporate television, which allows for viewer interaction. Our network of BLUE MOON studios enables you to record or live stream your online event in a professional environment.

You can’t get to one of our BLUE MOON studios? Then the studio will come to you! See how here! 

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Hybrid events:

The best of both worlds. This is the most challenging type of event. Hybrid events appeal to two types of audiences: live or present online. Our experience in online and physical events takes hybrid events to the next level. From the technical setup to an interactive streaming platform and an on-site director: we think of every detail.

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  • Cases

    We’re not all talk, we make things happen. Take a look at some of our cases.

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