Besides a fixed base setup in certain rooms, this client also needed mobile setups that could be easily moved from room to room. BLUE MOON also offered the possibility of quickly extending fixed installations. In several rooms, we provided HDMI and audio connection points.

An extended plug-in patch was provided in the auditorium so that a technical partner could connect an additional sound or audio table to the existing system.

The auditorium is fully equipped with the latest audiovisual technology. Ease of use and automation are essential here. We provide central control via a QSC core. It ensures that all devices communicate smoothly with each other and that everything can be controlled via a personalised user control interface (UCI). For example, we can ensure that when the projection is selected, both the projection screen goes down, the projector is switched on, the return screen is started, and the correct HDMI input source is selected. Such automation flows are also programmed for the microphones and room and ambient lighting.

Maintenance contract

BLUE MOON has placed the equipment under an intelligent lease contract. So Ter Elst pays a monthly lease fee for the installation. The smart lease contract includes annual maintenance and a direct line to our technical intervention service. As a result, we relieve Ter Elst of any audiovisual technical issues.