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BLUE MOON renforce votre message. Nous y parvenons grâce aux multiples possibilités que le monde de l'audiovisuel dynamique nous offre. Nous nous appuyons toujours sur les deux forces qui nous tiennent à cœur : la technologie et la créativité. BLUE MOON conseille, développe, crée et délivre.

A propos de nous Services

Voici nos activités.

  • Cases

    Rien de tel qu’un aperçu de quelques-unes de nos réalisations. Découvrez-les ici.

  • Ter Elst

    Installations fixes

  • Vestar

    Installations fixes

  • AXA Bank

    Installation audiovisuelle fixe

  • Éclairage d'événement et d'ambiance

    Fête d'été

  • EPP Congres Rotterdam

    Congrès Rotterdam

  • Protime

    Studio d’entreprise

  • Parlement flamand

    Installation fixe

  • Mediafin

    Débat de guerre

  • VITO

    G-STIC Dubaï

Nos clients

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  • “We have had a close partnership with BLUE MOON for over 10 years. Their effective and professional team always manages to make every event successful!”

    Britte Van Horenbeek — Ter Elst

  • “After working with another AV company for a long time, we started working with BLUE MOON through a tender procedure. It is incredible how, in a short time, they were able to get to know our stakeholders and familiarize themselves with our way of working. BLUE MOON listens to our goals and provides innovative solutions to lift our event to the next level. The professionalism and calmness of every BLUE MOON employee proves that this company lives and breathes its well-known values.”

    Ruben Depraetere — Fluvius

  • “We partnered with BLUE MOON to build our recording and streaming studio. It has been one of our best decisions of the past year! BLUE MOON provided excellent and very transparent communication and follow-up. The quality and ease of use of the provided materials and equipment exceeded our expectations.”

    Michael Geelhand de Merxem — The Beacon

  • “We had a vision of a hybrid event with the active participation of the limited audience on-site in the concept of our annual online event. BLUE MOON helped us to achieve this goal with a very experienced & professional technical production team and through highly detailed joint preparation of the event.”

    Stéphane Bocqué — Febeg

  • “For a couple of years, BLUE MOON is our exclusive partner for the audiovisual support in our animal parks. From the start of a project, they actively think about solutions and propose the best materials. The service they provide is always very professional. In case of emergencies, we can always count on their endless expertise and creative solutions.”

    Kristof Van Bouwel — KMDA

  • “Our collaboration with BLUE MOON has become long-term. We can no longer speak of a ‘customer-supplier’ relationship; it’s truly a partnership. The words that best describe BLUE MOON are professionalism, experience, quality and flexibility! The way they help develop a project is a real added value; it’s very reassuring too. Keep on doing your magic, BLUE MOON!”

    Georges Mangin — Deutsche Bank

  • “BLUE MOON is a very reliable, professional and high-quality audiovisual partner. At Quartier Papier, we have been working with them for almost five years now. Their considerable experience enables them to offer creative solutions, and technical challenges are never a problem. Everything runs smoothly in terms of communication, preparation and execution. BLUE MOON’s highly-motivated teams take care of everything down to the last detail and they make sure the event is hassle-free for the customer. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with them in the future! Because 1 + 1 = 3!”

    Stein Hoogstoel — Quartier Papier

  • “Since the opening of our company, BLUE MOON has always assisted us for the audiovisual part. We have been working together for 22 years now and we are still very satisfied with our cooperation. The quick follow-up of requests, accurate handling, top technicians and up-to-date equipment are very strong points that both we and our customers appreciate very much. We look forward to our future cooperation.”

    Els Van Royen — Horta

  • “To our great satisfaction, BLUE MOON has supplied audiovisual support during our G-STIC events for several years now. After the Covid-19 outbreak, we switched to hybrid events, which involve streaming. BLUE MOON has demonstrated that they can provide a very high-quality service in a very international context (like Dubai), with speakers, callers and participants from all over the world. I am happy to attest that our cooperation with BLUE MOON is very professional and of high quality.”

    Dietrich Van der Weken — G-STIC

  • “BLUE MOON has been our partner for audiovisual support for our events for several years. In early 2019, we moved to our new premises in Willebroek, BLUE MOON advised us on the purchase of a fixed basic sound set-up in our new showroom. It is a pleasure to work with BLUE MOON. It is a reliable partner and the team is TOP: professional, friendly, flexible and hands-on.”

    Chris Coens — Toyota Handling


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