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Our strength?

BLUE MOON not only installs technical equipment but also makes sure it’s easy to operate and maintain. User-friendliness is the key – In any location and for everyone.

And afterwards?

After installation, we remain at your side. We can continue to guarantee the reliability of the equipment thanks to remote monitoring and preventive maintenance.

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  • Cases

    We’re not all talk, we make things happen. Take a look at some of our cases.

  • EPP Congress Rotterdam

    Congress Rotterdam

  • Protime

    In-house studio

  • Flemish Parliament

    Fixed installations

  • Mediafin

    War Debate

  • VITO

    G-STIC Dubai

  • Independent Health Insurance Fund

    I was 20 in 2020

  • BLSC

    Excellence Awards Shopping & Retail

  • Martens Centre

    European Ideas Forum

  • VOKA

    VOKA Vooruitblik