You can rely on us for:

We offer endless possibilities of content creation. Explore how we can help you visualize your message.

  • Corporate video

    A corporate video, adapted to the identity and culture of your company, is an effective way to communicate with your stakeholders. It is the ideal tool to stregthen and spread your message.

  • Animated graphics

    Animations are suitable for many things: need a teaser on social media, a graphic for an event, or maybe an infographic for a complicated process? These animations create the right atmosphere or simplify a message to its essence.

  • Aftermovie

    An aftermovie or event video is ideal for reflecting on a successful event. Our team of creatives captures the atmosphere and interviews your guests for inspiring quotes. Our editors compile the footage into a witty final result. An aftermovie gives your event extra audience reach and your brand an image boost! That way, even the absent get a taste for it.

  • Script creation and coordination

    A good start is half the battle. And the same goes for working out a video or event production. At BLUE MOON, the "pre-production phase" is sacred. This is where we prepare, so everything runs like clockwork on the big day. Drafting a detailed script is essential here. Once on-site, our director ensures this script's proper development and coordination. This is how your request or idea becomes a reality.

  • Event photography

    Your event through the lens of a photographer. Not only does it provide exceptional images, but it also allows you to keep the memory of your event alive. These quality gems can be used afterwards for your website or social media.

  • Podcast

    Podcasts are hot and happening. They are an easy and accessible way to inform your stakeholders about a new product, project or brand. Storytelling and qualitative audio are essential.

  • Editing

    Post-production is a craft and involves many skills and techniques such as sound design, color grading and after effects. We provide a clear follow-up in the editing of your content or images.

  • Drone images

    Need a new intro video for your website or want to show off your new building to the world? The possibilities are endless. Let's talk!

  • Subtitling

    In a world where mobiles rule, not every video is listened to with audio. BLUE MOON offers to transcribe, translate and subtitle your text for your videos. Subtitling also increases your reach.

  • Cases

    We’re not all talk, we make things happen. Take a look at some of our cases.

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