1. Who.

Odys is the result of BLUE MOON MEDIA and ProductVisuals. ProductVisuals is the former neighbour of BLUE MOON. That’s right: "former" neighbour. BLUE MOON is growing both in number of projects and employees, and thus needed more physical space. BLUE MOON seized the opportunity to take over the neighbour's building.  

When BLUE MOON took over the building, it immediately saw great potential in taking over ProductVisuals, the company located here. ProductVisual has developed extensive product visualization know-how over the years. And that is what happened. The BLUE MOON Campus now stretches across two numbers on the Kontichsesteenweg (48 & 50) in Aartselaar. The teams of ProductVisuals and BLUE MOON MEDIA gradually merged into a single business unit. That marriage deserved a new name and style. We proudly christened it Odys. 

2. What.

Odys is best described as a dynamic content hub. We combine 3D content (CGI) with video production and photography. The strength lies in combining these elements into creative content. Moreover, Odys continuously wants to “recycle” the delivered content. This way, we can use it for different communication purposes. Thus, a visual element for a live event can be used for a product video, catalogue, company presentation or social media. Odys creates dynamic content in style and type. Discover In the video below how we do this. 

3. Why.

we strengthen your message – that is the core purpose of BLUE MOON. And that is also the case for the newest addition Odys. Where Pro AV Solutions and the event production team focus on the technical side, Odys further steers the line of BLUE MOON media with an emphasis on creative side. With a balanced experience in virtual design and video production, the Odys-team give a fresh content push to the other BLUE MOON teams. 

Want to meet?

We would love to invite you over! Come say hi at Kontichsesteenweg 48. Or send an email to hello@odys.be. More information on www.odys.be