We consulted our experts:

"CGI stands for Computer-generated imagery and refers to the use of computers to create content for various media It involves the use of specialized software and computer-generated elements to produce content that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional techniques.This technology allows for the creation of photorealistic scenes, products, and environments beyond your imagination."

It often visualizes products or processes that do not exist in real life or still need to be created. With 3D, you can hit the market before photographing your products. The choice of CGI can be cost- and time-efficient.

CGI is an excellent tool for explaining processes that can not be showcased by video or photography. Are you looking for a way to showcase your product? Or are you searching for a video explaining your supply chain?

CGI can significantly increase interactivity. It's a great way to create experiences for your audience, such as virtual tours, simulations, or augmented reality applications.

You can create unique and engaging content thanks to blending it with video production.

But how do you apply CGI at corporate events or videos?

Well, we have endless ideas popping up every day during brainstorming and project meetings. Let's explore one of our latest realisations. Atlas Copco launched its compressor, "FLX", roughly two months ago. The client wanted to record a video that could be streamed to all Atlas Copco sales employees worldwide. The wildly innovative FLX compressor deserved an equally innovative video concept for its launch. We recorded the launch in our very own K50 studio in Aartselaar.

BLUE MOON used CGI to create a momentum. The compressor transformed into an X-ray, reveiling each component through 3D images, supported by the engineer's explanation. We are big fans of the magic that the combination of video and 3D bring. Take a look at our behind the scenes in the video.

There are endless other ways to integrate CGI into your corporate communication. Here are some more inspirational ideas that we can help you with:

Have you ever seen the impressive 3D animations on the corners of the buildings at Timesquare? We create the same optical illusions on an exhibition stand or any other venue. This way, you have your product standing out, while flipping it around and showing it from every side, without needing it to be present.

Or are you tired of boring PowerPoint presentations and searching for ways to spice up your keynotes? With the combination of live camera tracking and our expertise in motion design, we can integrate any informative content on the camera feed of the live or online audience.

It can also be less complex. Our 3D experts design the most beautiful and qualitative content to use as decoration at your event. Creative and branded content can give your event its unique style and elevate it to another level.

Are you triggered to discover what opportunities CGI can bring for your corporate event or communication? Do not hesitate to call us, come by for a coffee.