The Pro AV department within BLUE MOON focuses on total audiovisual solutions. Today, efficient means of communication are more critical than ever. Through its Pro AV Solutions service, BLUE MOON provides customized audiovisual installations for every company and every request. Such was the case for Aula Invest and its conference centre Vestar.

When the request for a complete conference building installation came up, BLUE MOON started with a white sheet. They advised the client on the best audiovisual choices. "During the audiovisual consultation, we looked at the client's needs but also suggested some innovative eye-catchers," states Gianni, project manager with BLUE MOON's Pro AV team.

Technical plans were drawn up for the entire building. These ranged from an integrated auditorium to comprehensive conference systems for meeting rooms. BLUE MOON began a weeks-long installation, and the plans became a reality. Combining a solid audiovisual base and impressive highlights takes the convention centre to the next level. BLUE MOON's production team enthusiastically looks forward to putting their colleagues' installations into practice. They have recently supported successful events at Vestar.

Take a look in the video how we worked on this project. 

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