During the Covid-pandemic, companies needed a new form of corporate communication. We anticipated this by creating the BLUE MOON studios: a network of 15 studios throughout Belgium. Our team technically equipped these studios for all types of online events and recordings. In addition to these fixed venues, we also offer pop-up studios at your location of choice.

But not everything happens online. Hybrid events offer the best of both worlds and combine online and offline advantages. This way, you can invite your audience to one of our BLUE MOON studios and at the same time broadcast to other participants at home.


Let’s not forget about the live events!

Whether you are organizing a small meeting or a large international convention, BLUE MOON is your go-to partner for every gathering that needs audiovisual support. Our motivated and highly trained technicians are experts in lights, audio, and video. They make concepts and ideas come to life.

BLUE MOON wants to offer an answer to every question: electricity, staging, translating booths, interpreters, and so on. We help you every step of the way to your live event.


Successful events need good content! An audience keeps its attention during an (online) event through engagement, interaction, impactful footage, and a mix of inspiring presentations and interviews. BLUE MOON has the expertise to guide its customers in achieving this result.

Our colleagues provide a meticulous follow-up in production and communication. We do this in many ways: from developing event concepts to finding the most appropriate online platform, from writing a detailed script to filming business pitches. BLUE MOON can offer strong visuals for (online) events and has in-house know-how in directing live shows.


We aim to fulfill your AV needs: whether you are looking for a video conferencing set or a fully equipped in-house streaming studio. BLUE MOON already thickened its portfolio up to 50 brands. Our strong team of specialized technicians does not only install the equipment but also ensures efficient after-sales service. Maintenance and repairs are done at your location or, if necessary, in our technical workshops.

Buying, leasing, long or short-term renting? Our team develops a personal plan and will suggest the best solution for you.

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