Fixed Install – Expeditie Bonobo

workProjectFixed Install - Expeditie Bonobo
recent_actorsClientKMDA - Zoo Planckendael
placeLocationZoo Planckendael

Zoo Planckendael has opened a new residence for bonobos.  The thirteen great apes now have five times more space in the zoo. “Expeditie Bonobo” has seven locations from which the animals can choose, one outer island and three termite mounds.

In the meantime, the visitors take on the role of the adventurous scientist to study the bonobos in their habitat. Their journey starts in the Congolese Kinshasa and from there goes deeper into the forest. On to the research camp with huts where you can feel how people live on the spot.

Our Fix Install team took care of all audio facilities in “Expeditie Bonobo”, with the utmost care for ease of use and of course also aesthetics.

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